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Dr. Alexander Loyd, best-selling author of The Healing Codes, helps people live their happiest, healthiest and most successful lives.


February 13, 2019

Dying for Love

This week Dr. Alex talks about Dying for Love.

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This week Dr. Alex talks about 3 causes of sleep issues and how they can be healed.

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February 6, 2019

68 Trained or gifted

This week Dr. Alex talks about "trained or gifted"

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This week Dr. Alex will teach how your body can tell you when there is a problem. 

In the book of Solomon, it says “Guard your heart above everything else for from it flows all the issues of life.”

What does this verse mean?

Dr. Alex had the pleasure to asked three bible scholars this question. All three said that any problems you ever have in your life, comes from the spiritual heart.

What is the spiritual heart? Can this heal people sicknesses such as diabetes, cancer, and even relationship sickness?

For people who believe in science, this is your subconscious. For you, this is where God resides.

This led Dr. Alex to write "Healing Codes." It was for his wife Hope, then when she gets well, Dr. Alex used it for his private practice and had helped a lot of people.

There is also research done by Dr. Bruce Lipton from Stanford Medical School stating that it is impossible for a single cell to get sick. From the book of  Dr. Caroline Leaf, she said we do not have one single mechanism in the body for the negative body or mind. Every single mechanism in our body and mind is for the positive only.



What you will discover on this episode

  • Spiritual does not mean religion.
  • Fear Vs. Love.
  • Negative = Fear
  • Positive = Love
  • Three settings of a human brain



The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue by Dr. Alex Loyd

Who Switched Off My Brain? Controlling Toxic Thoughts and Emotions (Workbook & Journal) (Who Switched Off My Brain) by Dr. Caroline Leaf (2011-05-03) 


Contact Dr. Alex at feedback@thehealingcodes.com

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January 21, 2019

66 Availability Bias

This week Dr. Alex talks about availability bias. Enjoy!


Have you known someone in your life that was pretty negative all the time?

Or maybe, are you one of them?

Today, you will hear a different kind of an episode. Dr Alex is going scientifically focused.

He will explain why some people are more negative than others.

How does one person get into a negative mindset? Is it innate for them or there are mechanisms on them that are not working.

Dr. Alex is going to provide you with answers to your questions.

You will hear him telling stories about the progress of humans.

Listen in as you commit to living your life a different way. Not based on pleasure and avoiding pain, but based on what is right, true, and the best, no matter what.

What you will discover on this episode

  • What is availability bias
  • The steps you have to take to recognize your bias
  • How to adjust your point of view on your life issues
  • Understanding how we get to where we at right now
  • Ideas for improving our human mind condition
  • Should we call memories an illusion
  • Die or Kill?



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Have you ever noticed that some habits we form are unconsciously leading us to self-destruction?

In everyday life, we tend to do what we hate to do and not do what we want and ought to do. We do it because we don’t want pain because human beings are wired to seek pleasure.

Yes, Pain and Pleasure are the issues here. No one ever wants to feel pain; we seek ways to avoid it. But sometimes, in the process of preventing it, we most likely tend to do ourselves more harm than good.

Pain has to be understood well because the idea of avoiding it is a self-perpetuating cycle in life-based on fear. It has to be made aware to us that our actions should be one of a positive self-perpetuating cycle based on love.

Get to understand on deeper level self-destruction through these two: Love and Fear.

Not to mention, learn more deeply the two paradox in life: Pain and Pleasure and how they relate to self-destruction.

Then, you will get to have a broader insight into the many self-destructing patterns of human behavior that are negatively affecting relationships, health and lifestyle.

Learn to live in love!

Short Task for the Week:

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December 29, 2018

64 Time, pain and faith

Chronic pain is one of the worst things in life because there is no end in sight, and the passing of time is agonizing. When we are faced with pain or lack of pleasure, our reaction is to seize control to get the pain to stop or hold on to the last ounce of pleasure before it goes away. Faith is the only thing that can override this impulse that leads us down the road of unhealthy control and fear. By focusing on hope, belief, and trust within the framework of faith, we open the doorway to positive results down the path of love, rather than the path of fear and control.

Love provides endurance, experiential power, and faith to make us willing to go through anything, including more pain, because of the hope for what will come out of the situation in the end. Having faith through this love changes your perspective and removes the time that would have previously felt agonizing from the equation. Your faith should come from the belief that God will provide the power and grace you need to choose the path of love.

Ask yourself these questions:

- What is my pain?
- How have I dealt with it in the past?
- What is the most loving thing to do in the circumstances I am facing right now?

By having faith through your pain, you can learn to have joy and peace rather than fear, and you can believe that this temporary pain is productive in the long-run.

Join Dr. Alex each Wednesday for the live podcast: https://www.dralexanderloyd.com/calls


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Many skeptics, including world-renowned scientists, have committed their lives to disproving the existence of God or the authority of the Bible, but many of them have found themselves coming to believe in God instead. In fact, one scientist calculated that the existence of earth and its ability to sustain life is a scientific impossibility without divine intervention, which he concluded proves the accuracy and truth of Scripture.

Probably the most famous prayer in the Bible is The Lord’s Prayer, which Jesus prayed in response to his disciples asking him how to pray. Praying this prayer begins with a right relationship with God and takes the individual through a process of reliance on God for success in their lives. These specific phrases in The Lord’s Prayer allow the person to focus on their internal state rather than external circumstances and they find the ability to heal their issues with forgiveness and release the hold of stress on their lives:

  1. “Hallowed be your name”: recognizing that God is worthy of honor and holds all power; “You are God and I am not”
  2. “Your Kingdom come”: the Kingdom is inside of every follower of Jesus, so this helps each person focus on the spiritual inward state
  3. “Your will be done”: giving God control of the end result
  4. “Give us this day our daily bread”: making your request be made known to God
  5. “Forgive me as I forgive others”: realizing your own humanity

You can join Dr. Alex each Wednesday for the live podcast: https://www.dralexanderloyd.com/calls

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This is a rather heavy topic that a lot of people shy away from discussing, but it is a very important one. Millions of people in the world suffer from chronic physical or emotional pain that impacts their overall wellbeing and will to live. In fact, we all suffer, regardless of our situations, but only some people decide that their life is no longer worth living. When people entertain suicidal thoughts in their own minds, they are ultimately weighing this question: “Is it better to live and suffer or not to live at all?” The only reason that people want to die is for their pain to stop, and they see death as the only option, but by resigning themselves to the idea that their pain will never go away while they are alive, they are almost guaranteeing that things will not get better. It is interesting to note, also, that when people decide to commit suicide, they experience peace that they have never felt before because they know their pain will be over soon.

This question really boils down to one thing: the presence or absence of love. If a person has love in their life, their life is worth living and they will choose to live, but if they do not have love, their life is not living no matter the amount of pleasure they can pursue. As we have discussed before, love makes the pain worth it, and this is true from the smallest problem to the most existential. This means that love should be your primary priority in your beliefs, behaviors, and relationships. This makes love a life or death issue.

You can join Dr. Alex each Wednesday for the live podcast covering the topics of health, wellness, relationships, and success, pertaining to the whole life: mind, body and spirit. They are held every Wednesday afternoon and are completely free to anyone who would like to join. As a bonus, a few callers can get a free personal custom code for any issue bothering them. 


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Everyone knows someone who has been impacted by addiction, which blurs the lines between fantasy and reality and can become completely consuming. The root of addiction is the desire to seek pleasure and avoid pain, which is “5-year-old stuff” and shouldn’t be affecting the lives of grown adults.

The two causes of every bad habit or addiction, consequently, are:

(1) to diminish physical or non-physical pain (including boredom) and

(2) to increase physical or non-physical pleasure (including solutions to boredom).

Habits and addictions are love substitutes, which block us from real love and destroy relationships. We seek love substitutes based on our beliefs, and whether they are legitimate (de facto) beliefs based in love or placebo or no-cebo beliefs based in fear. The problem that leads us to seek love substitutes is impatience and our perception that we can’t wait for the solution because of our proclivity towards instant gratification. Ultimately, this impatience comes from a wrong goal which is focused on external expectations and may indicate that we are not right spiritually.

After listening to this episode, make a list of your destructive habits and addictions; things you do or don’t do. Spend some time in prayer and meditation, focusing on your spiritual health and focusing on grace, love, and patience, which will allow you to give up control to God and delay your gratification until the right time.

You can join Dr. Alex each Wednesday for the live podcast covering the topics of health, wellness, relationships, and success, pertaining to the whole life: mind, body and spirit. They are held every Wednesday afternoon and are completely free to anyone who would like to join. As a bonus, a few callers can get a free personal custom code for any issue bothering them. 


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